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Estúdio especializado em trilhas sonoras de games


Candy Chomper Soundtrack

Thiago Adamo

The first partnership between PXLDJ Soundworks and the talented 3D artist and developer Daniel SND is the complete soundtrack and SFX for mobile game Candy Chomper.

The 6 track original soundtrack mix calm moments like the song Classy Chomp (theme of Zen Mode) and very housy and uplift moments like Time Jump (theme of Time Attack Mode).

You can listen and download the tracks for free!

About Candy Chomper

Help Chompy to eat all the Candy around! Each level will challenge you to find the right order to be able to eat all the candy!
In this FREE game you'll have infinite levels within 4 different difficulty settings!
The rules are simple:
- Chompy can jump to a different platform horizontally or vertically.
- Chompy can eat a candy that's the same color or the same shape as he is.
From there you must figure out how to help chompy clear the board by eating all the candy!
Once you've mastered the Zen Mode you can try your luck on the Time Attack mode! Eat all the candy you can before running out of time, and show off that highscore to your friends!


Google Play:

About Thiago Adamo & PXLDJ SOUNDWORKS


Thiago Adamo is a Brazilian composer and producer who focus 100% of your work on game music, composed more than 20 game soundtracks for many platforms and release two albums of your songs and songs inspired in classic games: Gears of Music and Clash of Game Music, worked with Video Games Live in Brazil(tours 2012,13) and panels with Austin Wintory(Journey/Banner Saga).

PXLDJ Soundworks is the Game Audio studio created by Thiago to provide Soundtracks and Sound Effects specially for games here you can know more about the work of PXLDJ Soundworks.