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São Paulo


Estúdio especializado em trilhas sonoras de games

Press Release

Last update 15/09/2014



Thiago Adamo is a Brazilian composer and producer who focus 100% of your work on game music, composed more than 20 game soundtracks for many platforms and release two albums of your original material and songs inspired in classic games: Gears of Music and Clash of Game Music, worked with Video Games Live in Brazil (tours 2012,13) and panelist with Austin Wintory(Journey/Banner Saga) and also produced sound effects and soundtrack  for Machinima US Series First Person (Sonic The Hedgehog, Zelda, Pokemon and Bomberman).

As a Dj of Game Music performed live sets for COD Ghosts Brazilian official Launch Party and composed original soundtrack for HyperX Kingston.

PXLDJ Soundworks is the Game Audio studio created by Thiago to provide Soundtracks and Sound Effects specially for games.


Reject False Idols - Loud Noises - 09/2014 - Chiptune/crossover - Platform: PC

Candy Chomper - Polycarp Games - 06/2014 - Electronic/Chillout - Platform: Mobile (IOS/Android)

This Little Piggy - Infection Team - 08/2014 - Platform: Web/PC/Mac (#5 of Ludum Dare 30)


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